Motion Audio Productions

Bespoke Music & Sound Design

Music Composition

Our team of highly talented composers & multi-instrumentalists know how to create bold, dynamic and innovative pieces of music for film, tv & advertising.

Sound Design

Motion Audio Productions are passionate about sound design and have spent years perfecting their technique to create the most seamless sound design out there.

Sonic Brand Identity

We strive to create the most iconic, innovative and organic sonic identities for brands.

Ads, Trailers & Promos

We love to work on any kind of advertising from theatrical trailers, television campaigns to internet promos.

Feature Films

This is where the companies passion for music & sound design came from. Theres nothing quite like this art form, and we just love the whole process of creating that ‘movie magic’.


We love television, the deadlines and the pace of creating the music & sound design. We must be mad…

Trailer Cover

Destruction Trailer Toolkit



CBS Sports Spectacular

CBS Sports Spectacular

Breaking Amish - Image

Breaking Amish


Too Cute

Southern Charm

Southern Charm

Investigation Discovery

Investigation Disovery

Animal Planet

Animal Planet

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"Long term composer Samuel Clarke is astonishing and has provided some truly amazing scores for all my features to date"

− Peter Goddard, Devils Avalanche Film LTD

"Brilliantly scored (Season of the Witch)"

− Brit Horror

"No change with the music as we loved your work obviously"

− Glen Wiggall, Broken Barrel Productions

"Utterly Perfect"

− Peter Goddard, Devils Avalanche Film LTD