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Arts Council England to fund Samuel Clarke on Music Export Drive to Hollywood

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Selected composers to take part in pitching panel with Hollywood executives for forthcoming movie release

Samuel Clarke is one of five composers that will receive £1000 to facilitate the production of a piece of music in response to a brief issued for one of Hollywood’s forthcoming movie releases; ahead of the Los Angeles Sync Mission next month

Commenting on the opportunity to be awarded this Samuel Clarke said:
“I think the funding is an amazing idea as it allows me the ability to let myself be creative how I imagine, without the worry of the finance involved. Music is all about the musicians, so by getting this award it gives me the potential to create great music along with others.”



Concept Album

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Motion Audio and pleased to announce that founder Samuel Clarke is currently working on his first concept album to be released later this year. He doesn’t want to give too much away, but its going to be a piano album with orchestral flourishes and innovative synth textures which will make this album one to watch…

Music Mobile

5 Tips to Kick Start Your Music Career

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Here are 5 tips to help you kick start you music career and beat those January Blues

Network, Network, Network

This is probably the one of the most important out of the five. Meeting the right people is crucial for the career of a composer, musician or anyone in the creative industries. You can have the perfect song or be the best guitarist, but if no one can hear you, then how can you progress.

Keep Writing

Try and write as much as possible. Even if it’s just a little bit every day, it will help you not only to develop as a songwriter/composer, but it will help you come up with more ideas quickly. Perfect for if you are commissioned to write something at the 11th hour.

Keep Motivated

It can be hard to keep motivated, especially if you are working a part-time job, or studying in your spare time, but you have to keep battling through it. Find time to relax and enjoy life as this well help with new ideas.

Don’t Give Up

It can be hard to accept rejection, but it is just a natural process. It doesn’t necessarily mean you are bad at what you do. Nine times out of ten it isn’t your ability it’s just not what they are looking for. Tip: Research the company or supervisor before you cold call / email them, as this can really help your chances of success.

Be Yourself

The last piece of advice is to just be yourself. When in meetings or emailing potential clients don’t say you are a master of everything if you can only write indie rock. This will only jeopardise your chances.

The Piano Diaries - Samuel Clarke (Motion Audio Productions) - Spotify

The Piano Diaries

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Samuel has decided to start a piano diary. It’s a evolving playlist of piano tracks that inspire and will be updated when new tracks are discovered, unearthed or remembered. Think of it as a musical journey that will hopefully inspire. Please subscribe or follow Samuel on Spotify to keep updated with this playlist or new tracks when they are released.

Capitol Records, LA SYNC MISSION 2015

LA Sync Mission 2015

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Samuel is happy to announce that Motion Audio Productions have got selected by UKTI, BPI & MPA to attend the Los Angeles Sync Mission. After attending last year for the first time, he is very happy to be heading over to sunny California again to meet up with some of  the industry’s top music supervisors.